When I think of images I lose focus. The slate has been written over too many times. Perfection achieved for the nth time. Failure erased again and again. The tourist is the only one left who sees novelty in the mundanity of what is lived day after day. Who left is raised a tourist?
Images are information which influence.
Give life back to patience.
I repeat the repetitious until unrecognizable. The stacks of consumption, accrual of boredom. But this is not to be revealed.
How much attention span can be filled by a single atom? What does the end of attention look like? A single frame? Or the interpretation of 24 frames as 1?
Give the second back to 24 frames.
Hooray for blasé. There is no progress. Only cycles that pile upon piles. Madness built on triumph. Wealth gained by loss. Faster, better, harder, stronger we lose focus and forget the horrors of history.
Who did this? You did this. I can’t step outside without thinking how boring it is. How everyone sees exactly what I see. How uninspired the world is. How self fulfilling and self serving we are. Taking for granted my own breath.
Can the tourists save us? Or is casual so causal? Have fear for there is hope.
Tell me what you think you see differently. Do you really see the same as others? Do you need to be an adventurer to be inspired? Can you see novelty anywhere? Is visual accrual infinite? Or is saturation possible to the point of decay?
We are broken. Fractured. For no one has to believe this. No one has seen this. How can anything be shared without consumption?
I chose video because I was always stunned with the way images are produced. The way they linger. The way 1000 frames feels like 1. I chose it because I wanted to study the moving image. To educate myself about how the world is seen, and not to educate others with information.

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